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The NC PRe-K systems will start using NCID as the sole means to log in. There will be a transition period where you can log in with either your existing NC Pre-K ID, or with an NCID.
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NCID is now required in order to Login to the NC Pre-K applications.
Obtain an NCID
You must register for an Individual NCID account. You can use the link below to open a new window which will take you to the NCID web site in order to register. Once you have an Individual NCID Account, you can use the Login with NC Pre-K button to associate it with you existing NC Pre-K account.
Register for an NCID

For Assistance about the NC Pre-K Program Requirements manual, contact your NC Pre-K Program Policy Consultant at the Division of Child Development and Early Education (http://ncchildcare.dhhs.state.nc.us/PDF_forms/NCPre-K_Program_Regions_Map.pdf).

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