The NC Pre-K Kids application is a web-based system for submitting monthly reports about activities related to the North Carolina Pre-kindergarten program.
This application can only be accessed by authorized staff, Contract Administrators at Grantee offices or other designated staff.
To enter the system, type your Logon ID and Password below and click the Logon button.

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ATTENTION: The 2022-23 NC Pre-K Kids system is now available for use.
If you want to view the 2021-22 NC Pre-K Kids information, you can access that by logging into https://ncprek.nc.gov/2122/kids/logon.aspx
For assistance regarding the NC Pre-K Kids system, please contact your NC Pre-K Program Policy Consultant. South East Region - Jeanne Barnes @ jeanne.barnes@dhhs.nc.gov; North East Region - Fran Minton @ frances.minton@dhhs.nc.gov; Central Region - Sharon Stukes @ sharon.stukes@dhhs.nc.gov; West Region - Jennifer Griffith @ jennifer.griffith@dhhs.nc.gov

For Assistance about the NC Pre-K Program Requirements manual, contact your NC Pre-K Program Policy Consultant at the Division of Child Development and Early Education (http://ncchildcare.dhhs.state.nc.us/PDF_forms/NCPre-K_Program_Regions_Map.pdf).

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